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Action Plan

Sõrandu Village Society wants to help the development process of Sõrandu, Väike-Kareda, Kahala and Keri villages of Koigi Parish, and collaborates for this purpose with the rural municipality, other villages and similar organisations both in Estonia as well as abroad. 

The aims recognized by statute of Sõrandu Village Society

Attracting the village inhabitants to participate the problem solving procedure 

Introducing and guiding people to the possibilities of rural private enterprise

Supporting practitioners of handicraft and cooking 

Arranging every kind of mind-broadening and educational learning (also on collective security measures)

Recommending wholesomeness and healthy lifestyle

Organising outings to make acquaintance with life elsewhere, both in Estonia as well as abroad; visiting interesting and insightful enterprises 

Developing environmental resources and sparing nature-friendly life environment

Making suggestions to improve the rural life, retaining the village culture 

Developing village’s gathering area 

Preferential development areas in realizable order:

1 Infrastructure


To develop technical infrastructure, for enabling private enterprises expand to villages 


To create preconditions and general need for retaining and developing the rural infrastructure 

To improve the situation of water supply, drinking water and sewage in villages. 

To improve the accessibility of farms in colaboration with real estate owners. 


Improvement of water supply systems and their quality in villages. 


To collaborate with the rural municipality, to improve the state of parish roads and other infrastructural features.

To support the villages with money from environmental and other projects.

To renovate water supply and sewage systems in Sõrandu Village. 

2 Housing estate matters


The blocks of flats of the village are in extremely bad shape; old people and disabled persons miss the estimable terms to live there.  

The local government of Koigi Parish closes down the housing service from January 1st 2009.  


To create the normal habitable conditions for elderly and disabled people in Sõrandu Village, also for families with lower income and higher social risks.


The blocks of flats will be renovated in Sõrandu Village.  

The administrative housing service for blocks of flats will be arranged.  


To apply measures for improving habitable conditions of elderly and disabled persons, also of families with lower income and higher social risks. 

3 Community collaboration


All village inhabitants have the possibility to gather nearby home, attendancy would not depend on having means of transportation.  

Collective learning will help to raise the level of local collaboration.

What you can see with your own eye, is definitely the best model of forming the future shape of your home village.  

Village Days will help to bring the community together, to create new connections and to work up old relationships in a new form. A Village Day is a necessary event to arrange for carrying forward and developing the cultural and other traditions, offering also the possibility for recreation and entertainment.


To improve self-awareness and the educational level of village inhabitants through developing their understanding of rural, village and home culture; to retain and maintain existing folk culture features.  

To renovate the old school building in Sõrandu; to develop the area of Väike-Kareda nature reserve park to the gathering spot of village inhabitants of Väike-Kareda Village.  

To collect historical facts and memories, local legends and chronicles.  

To organise village days, information days, educational trips and outings.  


The indifference of local inhabitants will be decreased, people will get to know each other better, and the collaboration of community will give new ideas. The activity of participation will increase 50%.

The different events will be organised. Main focus will be on the further development of rural and village life and home culture.  

The old school building will be renovated in Sõrandu Village, and the surroundings will be reshaped to be more attractive.  

The gathering spot of village inhabitants will be built in Väike-Kareda; there will also be a ball park, a bonfire area and a stage.  


To arrange 2 informatory days and 1 educational outing annually. To organise other educational events, requested by local people.  

To organise village days in two villages, in Sõrandu and in Väike-Kareda. To invite previous and present village inhabitants to participate, also invite interesting persons as guests.  

To finish the renovation of the old school building in Sõrandu. To order the landscape designing project for arranging benches, BBQ area and private recreation spots (with tables and benches).  

To clean the park in Väike-Kareda Village and to arrange the gathering spot, a ball park, a bonfire area and a stage for village inhabitants.  

To organise a community bees (twice a year).

To collect historical facts and memories, local legends and chronicles for every village.

4 Public reputation and image control of villages


To improve the general impression and identity of villages

To arrange maps to villages, for helping to find different crofts and farms more easily.  


A clean and managed village will be open to enterprising people, who valuate natural resource centered economic policy. A village will be an attractive place for both inhabitants as well as visitors.  


Grass verges will be mowed in villages.  

The surroundings of crofts and farms will be mowed and taken care of.

The surroundings of Sõrandu school building will be mowed and taken care of.

Väike-Kareda park will be cleaned and mowed in its most visitable areas.  

There will be village maps in three most important spots.


To organise the mowing of grass verges in collaboration with the local municipality.

To organise a community bees (twice a year).

To attract village inhabitants to participate in cleaning surrounding areas, cutting copse, mowing and cleaning  grass verges, cleaning ponds and planting new trees.  

To arrange and clean Väike-Kareda manor park and establish the gathering area for village inhabitants.  

To order the characteristic bulletin boards for all villages.  

To install village maps in Sõrandu and Väike-Kareda.  

5 Natural resource centered economy and environmentalism


Villages are situated nearby the area of Pandivere Water Reserve and every kind of waste can be dangerous to groundwater resources.  

It is necessary to deepen the general awareness about existing biodiversity and the sparing usage of  natural resources.


To expand the general conciousness about environmentalism and the sparing economy policies, to create the sparing society.  

To attract attention to already existing rural enterprising and offer people the possibilities to get out of their everyday milieu; to encourage and support people with starting their own business.

To value village life as a possible social lifestyle and a family farm as a comforting way of life.  


The attention will be attracted to environmentalism; the pollution cases will be avoided and the existing environmental waste spot will be disposed.

The development process of natural resource centered products and tourism centered products will be started.  

The idea of a family farm as a way of life will be put into practice. The youth will want to stay and live in rural areas.  


To arrange at least 2 informatory days and 1 educational outing annually.

To offer information to young people about empty farmhouses and possibilities to settle life in rural areas. calendar 

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