Sõrandu Village is located in Järva County, 8 km from Tallinna-Tartu-Luhamaa Road’s 100th km milestone.

The nearby villages are situated in Koigi Parish, in eastern part of Järva County. For driving to county’s centre Paide, one has to pass 22 km from Sõrandu Village, 26 km from Väike-Kareda Village, 28 km from Keri Village and 24 km from Kahala Village. From Koigi Village it is possible to drive to Tallinn (100 km) and Tartu (85 km). Tallinn-Tartu-Luhamaa Road passes nearby Koigi Village.

If you drive on Tallinna-Tartu Road and you are coming from Tallinn, you have to turn left before the road’s 100th km milestone to Päinurme direction, then 5 km to Huuksi, then turn left and drive 3 km to Sõrandu – and here you are!  

If you drive on Tallinna-Tartu Road and you are coming from Tartu, you have to turn right by Koigi bus stop (the sign is showing 1 km to Koigi Manor), then drive until the crossroad near the gym, turn right, drive 4 km to Huuksi and then follow the instructions mentioned in the last passage. 

If you drive on Piibe Road and you come from Koeru, turn left on the 13th milestone, pass Keri and Silmsi Villages and then drive until you reach Sõrandu.

If you drive on about 400 m towards Mäeküla from this crossroad, and then turn left, you’ll reach Väike-Kareda Village. Driving further on towards Mäeküla, you’ll pass Kahala Village. 

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